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Jul 252012

Optimizing Your Computer for Adobe CS6 Video Applications

Adobe has published another Performance Whitepaper; this one on Optimizing for Adobe CS6 applications for Video such as Photoshop Extended, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Speedgrade. As with other recent Adobe publications on improving performance, this one is clear and detailed enough for most users of the apps.

It covers the basics of what major computer hardware components are most critical in such application usage, with an eye towards places where such performance can be enhanced. It goes on to point out the demands on this hardware of the specific Adobe apps. And it ends up with a useful summary of these points for easy comprehension.

It covers aspects of the CPU, RAM, GPU, OpenGL, Cuda, HDD’s, examples of systems, Performance Bottlenecks, Adobe Application System Requirements, Global Performance Cache (After Effects), and the summary.

If it is all a bit boggling, skip to the summary for the key points.

Free pdf Download:

Optimizing Hardware Systems for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, SpeedGrade CS6, and Photoshop Extended CS6

Previously Published Adobe Photoshop Performance Optimizing page:

Optimize Performance Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6


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