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Jun 292012
Do It Yourself 3D Article in Make Magazine

Do It Yourself 3D Article from Make Magazine

Kids! Now you can make your own old-school 3D photos in your own home! And videos too!

There are lots of approaches to this time-tested, and rather simple 3D fun.

Make Magazine has published a how-to on producing the old red/blue kind of 3D images in their School’s Out special issue. It looks to be a basic rig of two small digicams with appropriate filters on each.

While it’s not new tech, it’s still a fun idea for anyone who likes to play with variations on approaches to taking, and viewing photos.

For the truly DIY tinkerers, there is a NASA how-to Create your own 3D images
and a wikihow on How to Make Your Own 3D Glasses and
Amazon has premade glasses Red-blue / Cyan Anaglyph Simple style 3D Glasses for the extra chic crowd.

Have fun, and remember: objects in 3D may be real’er than they appear!

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  1. wow, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool ideas

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