Nikon Mirrorless Camera Rumors – Will Canon + Nikon Keep Up With the Market Shift Away from Pro DSLR’s ?

Nikon News 2011 Mirroless Camera
Nikon News - 2011

Nikon is about to release a mirrorless DSLR camera?

The backstory: Nikon and Canon appear to be losing their market shares of DSLR camera sales, threatening the very existence of pro DSLR’s.

Bloomberg has reported how the shift to mirrorless cameras is severely cutting into sales of standard pro-oriented, feature rich DSLR’s. Canon Hanging on to Mirrors Means Opportunity for Sony, Panasonic Cameras

So, how will Nikon and Canon respond to shifts in the consumer-driven marketplace? Will our beloved DSLR’s survive the dumbing down of digital cameras? These less mechanically complex mirrorless cameras may make pro DSLR’s ‘too ________ (fill in the blank)  large, expensive, complicated, high quality, to produce any more.’

Calumet Pro DSLR Digital Cameras

Well, in a completely ‘non-Nikon’ish’ move, Nikon released an unusual press release, declaring (sort of…) ‘We didn’t say anything about a Nikon mirrorless product release. Really, we didn’t.’   Comments on Media Reports about Nikon’s imaging product.

In all the years we’ve be covering photo issues, and using and loving SLR cameras, Canon + Nikon, we’ve never seen Nikon say anything like this. Nikon is notoriously close-lipped, so this press release is almost comical in its denial.

Kind of looks like Nikon doth protest too much! Stay tuned for details as soon as they are denied  😉 !

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