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Jan 202010

Robert Mapplethorpe Patti Smith Horses Album Cover Photo

Terry Gross has another fine interview; this time of singer/songwriter/poet Patti Smith. The incentive and drive for the interview is the memoir Patti Smith has published, Just Kids, recalling her life and times with famed and infamous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

Fresh Air’s Terry Gross always manages to bring out interesting points about her interviewee’s lives, and this interview is another fine example.

The Patti Smith Remembers Life With Mapplethorpe podcast on NPR. Note: it is 46 min 16 sec.

In case that like doesn’t work for you, here is the transcript of the Patti Smith interview.

Robert Mapplethorpe Photographs of Patti Smith

Mapplethorpe was known for a diverse field of photographs ranging from the Patti Smith portraits and other punk era work, to his challenging homoerotic and sadomasochistic works, through his sometimes surprising self portraits, and body builder sculptural photos of Lisa Lyon, to his exquisite studies of flowers; flowers with a ‘New York’ edge.

Many posters and calendars of his work provide cost-accessible wall art of his work.

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  1. Good to give Terry Gross a plug…she is a great interviewer

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