New Selection Technology in Adobe Photoshop Masking Refine Edge and Extract for CS5 or CS6 maybe

Aodbe Masking Technologies to Refine Edge and Extract

Adobe Photoshop Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Hughes, has released a very short video demonstrating the last Masking Tachnologies that Adobe is working on. Watch the 1:10 minute video. Will the features will be announced in Photoshop CS5 as we hope, or in a future CS6 release of Photoshop?

Bryan O’Neil Hughes demos how the Extract tool is evolving with the Refine Edge dialog to make complex masking of, say hair against a background, into a useful mask with subtly varied edge sharpness.

Selections Sneak Peek - Adobe Photoshop Selection Masking Technology

It’s best viewed Full Screen
(click the TV icon in lower right of the video window, click ESC to return to small view)

The shape of selections to come,

enjoy, and await!


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Author: P U