Sign of the Times – Actual Savings May Be Greater

25% Off Original Price
25% Off Original Price

Actual Savings Seen any ‘Sale’ signs lately? This one was unexpected by me.

Actual Savings May Be Greater
Actual Savings May Be Greater

We’ve all seen various disclaimer signs

  • Batteries not included
  • Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
  • You must be this tall to enter
  • ID required
  • Not responsible for your idiotic behavior

But, up to now, I had never seen a sign declaring that things might actual be better for me than the sign would indicate.

I guess things are looking up!

This is another ‘Sign of the Times’ post.

It was shot hand-held (obviously?) during a store-wide store extravaganza sale based on pre-holiday desperation on the part of the retail chain. It was taken with a Canon A710IS point and shoot camera, so, not up to our usual standards of image irony.



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