Superb Photos of Thailand Floods

Ayutthaya Reclining Buddha before the flooding © 2009, 2011 Ken Storch

The Atlantic has published a page of very fine photographs of the floods in Thailand.

Thailand is experiencing major flooding, affecting Nikon and Canon factories, as well as thousands of Thai people. (See previous post about the Nikon DSLR + Lens factory closing: Nikon Halts DSLR and Lens Manufacture at Thailand Factory

Ayutthaya, or Ayudhya, as  many Thai businesses spell it, is pronounced something like ‘ah YOUd tee ah’.

The Atlantic: Worst Flooding in Decades Swamps Thailand

This photo is included here to give a sense of the site before the current flooding of 2011. Note the people putting out an offering for a scale reference.

PhotographyUncapped, being a photo related site, is emphasizing the photo aspects of these events, knowing full well that there is a significant cost to peoples lives. I have been to many of the locations shown and have met and know a number of lovely Thai people. Our thoughts are with them in these challenging times.


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  1. These photos are amazing, so powerful. The shot of the people watching TV in the midst of the flood waters is a good indication of the ability of the Thais to get through a crisis…..Sending them all good thoughts………..

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