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Aug 302010

Sunspot Photo from Big Bear Solar Observatory - Credit: BBSO/Ciel et Espace Photos

The most detailed and amazing photograph of a sunspot has just been released from the Big Bear Solar Observatory.

The image was captured in visible light by their adaptive optics array, with the new Solar Telescope (NST).

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“This photo of a sunspot is now the most detailed ever obtained in visible light,” according to Ciel et l’Espace.   In September, the popular astronomy magazine will publish several more photos of the Sun taken with BBSO’s new adaptive optics system.” Professor Philip R. Goode.

Details of the instrument can be found on the BBSO NST (New Solar Telescope) page.

The Press Release: See Amazing New Sun Images From NJIT’s Big Bear Solar Observatory


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  2 Responses to “The Eye of the Sun is Upon Us – Sunspot Photo with Superb Detail from the Big Bear Solar Observatory”

  1. wow, looks like a sunflower….amazing

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