What Type Fonts Are In Adobe Creative Suite 5 CS5.5 – What Fonts Are Dropped From CS5?

Adobe Font Types Added to Creative Suite 5 CS5


The latest info from Adobe on which fonts are installed with Adobe Creative Suites CS5.5, CS5, CS4, etc.

The installed fonts for Creative Suite 6 (CS6) have not been officially announced. At this time, there is no reason to think that any fonts will be dropped from CS6 as happened going from CS4 to CS5. Info on CS6 is being collected here: Adobe CS6 News Rumors New Features

What fonts are included in Adobe Creative Suite 5 CS5? Are any fonts dropped from CS4 to CS5? What type families are included?

Nicole Minoza, Program Manager, Type Development / Core Services at Adobe Systems, has just published lists and links on the Typblography blog on the official Adobe Typblog site.

Useful Details About Creative Suite 5 (CS5) Fonts shows what you need to know about the fonts that have been dropped from the Creative Suite CS5 bundles, and which new font types have been added.

These are pertinent excerpts from the blog post:

Fonts new to CS5 Creative Suite 5 are:

  • Adobe Arabic (4 fonts)
  • Adobe Hebrew (4 fonts)
  • Adobe Fan Heiti Std (1 font, “Bold” weight)
  • Adobe Gothic Std (1 font, “Bold” weight)
  • Ryo Display PlusN (5 fonts)
  • Kozuka Gothic Pr6N (6 fonts)
  • Kozuka Mincho Pr6N (6 fonts)

Fonts not included in Creative Suite 5 CS5 are:

  • Bell Gothic Std Black
  • Bell Gothic Std Bold
  • Eccentric Std

Also note:

There is variation between Creative Suite 5 applications. Some CS5 products will install only basic fonts, while others add an additional font set with installation choice. Other products will install both of these font sets plus additional product-specific sets.


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