Jobo Compact Flash Adapter Converts SD + SDHC Memory Cards to CF for your Digital SLR Camera: A mini review


I recommend saving money with this an  SD SDHC to CF Adapter. If you have some digital camera memory cards in the Secure Digital SD or SDHC formats, you can use them in your Compact Flash card device, a digital camera, an MP3 player, or a laptop. with the Jobo Secure Digital/MultiMedia to Compact Flash Type II Adapter.

(shown above with  a Transcend 8gb SDHC memory card inserted part way)

Updated: The Transcend 16gb SDHC card is now an even better bargain.

I use one of these with absolutely no issues, with several different SD and SDHC (high capacity SD cards) in my Nikon D300 digital SLR camera . I love having the extra memory when I’m out in the field, or on an extended trip, when the light is so good I can’t stop shooting. Occasionally, having an extra SD card or three, has allowed me to shoot more freely, and save or reject later.


Here you can see that the adapter is the same size as the Transcend 16gb CF card I also use

Use is totally simple:

  • Put your SD or SDHC memory card into the Jobo converter adapter slot
  • Put the card in your camera (or other device)
  • Act casual
Seal of Approval
Seal of Approval

It works seamlessly in my digital cameras, my card readers, and it can add memory to an MP3 player, or laptop, or any other device using Compact Flash cards.


Here is an edge view of the adapter showing the pin sockets.

This one is a ‘no-brainer’ if you have the Secure Digital cards already around, or need the versatility to use several memory card types between devices.

Amazon Deals on SD to CF Adapters


shoot more,

keep on shooting.

Ken Storch

Author: P U

10 thoughts on “Jobo Compact Flash Adapter Converts SD + SDHC Memory Cards to CF for your Digital SLR Camera: A mini review

  1. Thanks for posting this.
    I’ve been wondering if I could use my SD cards since I upgraded my camera.
    I think I’ll have ot give this thing a try.

    1. I find that I never notice the speed issue, unless I am shooting very fast with 14bit files, and, I max out the camera buffer. Then it is only slightly slower than using some of my CF cards.
      I suspect that it’s slower because the SDHC cards I have are a bit slower.

  2. Does the sd card fit into the adapter flush? it won’t fit into my camera with it sticking out like in the first picture.

      1. Hi eric,

        My SD cards fit in mine perfectly, as shown in the bottom photo, where it is fully inserted in the adapter.

        Sounds like something is unusual with you card or adapter.

  3. Have you tried interfacing with the Eye-Fi card? The Nikon D3s only uses CF. Eye-Fi is SD. I was wondering if there may be any issues I need to anticipate if using the two together?

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